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Colour guards and majorettes

Colour guards and majorettes need not take music lessons.

Colour guards carry provincial and national flags and march in cadence with the marching musicians. Majorettes twirl batons or flags in harmony with the marching music. Both are separate sections that complement the marching band by their colourful appearance and graceful movements, making the marching band both aesthetically appealing and entertaining to audiences.

Philippine Heritage Band

Instrumentalists are a full complement of woodwind, brass, and lyre percussion performers which form the musical nucleus of the band. They are a mix of youth and adults, working together to deliver quality performance for a given event.

Members provide their own instrument by buying/renting from a music store or borrowing from their school with permission from their music teacher. The PHB Music Director can assist members with names of recommended music stores. There is a limited number of Band-owned instruments that may be made available to members for emergency use only.

Instrument accessories such as reeds, mouthpieces, and oils are provided by members.


Colour Guards
Colours and Majorettes

The drumline adds a grandiose flavour to the band. It is a group of percussionists (bass drums, snare drums, tenor drums and cymbals) that provides the rhythm in music, keeps marching performers in cadence, and provides aesthetics by the drummers' synchronized executions. After every music piece, the drumline takes over with its energy-boosting street beats, giving spectators the benefit of a non-stop band performance along the entire parade route.

All percussion instruments and accessories are provided by PHB.


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