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The youth

PHB is a medium for youth training and development. Together in training, travel, performances, sports and social events, they expand their knowledge, build character, develop peer relationships and self-confidence. PHB allows members to refine their attitude resulting in better perception of life as well as their ethnic origin and that of others. PHB also has a merit award program and, periodically, conducts leadership seminars and workshops on various subjects. 

The Adults


PHB's concept is a partnership between youth and adults. Many adults in PHB's roster started as youth members and have chosen to stay because PHB does not impose age restrictions. Many of the now adult musicians literally grew up at PHB. As parents today, they bring their children over and together, they perform in the band as a family. This has earned PHB the pseudonym "Family Band". For the adult members and alumni, PHB has set up a Concert Band which performs on occasion, allowing the said members a medium to express their more refined way of delivering music in a casual and relaxed environment. The wealth of talent and experience of our adult musicians keep PHB's music at a professional level.

development program


PHB is a processing centre for training and development not only for the youth but for adult members as well. Periodic seminars and workshops on various subjects including leadership skills, street-smarting, drug addiction, teen pregnancy, crime prevention, computer literacy for adults, cultural music and line dancing are some of the programs that PHB offers to complement its mainstream music activities.



Marching is our forté. Between our drumline and our instrumentalists, we perform non-stop along an entire parade route, bringing an entertained audience every step of the way. We also do mini concerts, full concerts, half-time shows, TV shoots, ceremonials for dignitaries and event openings, drumline demonstrations, and twirling demonstrations. Our small group of roving musicians provide entertainment at shopping malls, corporate events, community picnics and celebrations. Overall, we add colour, sparkle, and vibrancy to events and bring warmth, excitement, and joy to people. Our music is a rich collection of English and Filipino of the popular, folk or patriotic variety, or special music to suit the theme of an event. 

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